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ODOT - Historic Bridges in Oregon

Oregon Department of Transportation - ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES

NEW!! ODOT's Bridge Section has recently completed a survey of Oregon's Covered Bridges, and has prepared a new website which includes information, photos, and maps to each of the covered bridges in the state.

Oregon Covered Bridges Directory
Covered Bridges of Oregon Directory
KOA Camping

Summertime and KOA camping go hand in hand!

KOA people are dedicated to making their campgrounds a great place to stay. Our owners and staff are camping professionals who put forth superhuman effort to make sure their campgrounds are clean, safe and fun.

Find lodging, attractions, recreation and more...
Vermont's Covered Bridges

Vermont's Covered Bridges

Vermont has a treasure of beautiful Covered bridges and this site serves as a great directory.

The Bridges of Madison County

Originally boasting 19 covered bridges, five remain today, all listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

the Bridges of Madison County
Vermont Only - Vermont Covered Bridges

Vermont Covered Bridges: Romantic "Courting Bridges"

Covered bridges symbolize small-town America. Something from the nineteenth century, picturesque and sentimental, "kissing bridges" or "courting bridges" recall a time when life was simpler.

Parke County Covered Bridges

Every visit to the Parke County Covered Bridge Capital should begin at one of our two Parke County Tourist Information Centers in Rockville

Parke County Indiana
Bedford County Covered Bridges


Bedford County is blessed with 14 covered bridges. Few places have covered bridges set in more picturesque settings and with more variety than in Bedford County, Pennsylvania.

Covered Bridges of Michigan

Flood, fire and modernization have taken their toll on the covered bridges of Michigan. Where once hundreds of covered bridges spanned the State's rivers and creeks, now less than a dozen remain.

Covered Bridges of Michigan
Greene County's Covered Bridges

Greene County Covered Bridges

Some of Pennsylvania's finest historic bridges.

Covered Spans of Yesteryear

If you would like to provide information on covered bridges that no longer exist from your state, or adopt a state to work on, we would certainly welcome your assistance. We have designed a form that will assist you in your research and also indicate the type of information we would like to record on each bridge. Once completed, this listing will be a tremendous wealth of historical information.

Covered Bridges of Michigan
Pennsylvania's Covered Bridges

Peensylvania's Covered Bridges

Another Covered Bridge website from Pennsylvania


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