the Horse Creek Bridge - Photo by: Bill Cockrell

Built in 1930, Horse Creek Covered Bridge originally spanned Horse Creek in the vicinity of McKenzie Bridge in Lane County.

Although the bridge had been bypassed by a concrete span in 1968, it was not removed until December of 1987.

The bridge's wooden timbers were given to the City of Cottage Grove for salvage. Cottage Grove used some of the timbers to construct a small-scale covered bridge in their park.

The remaining lumber was donated to the City of Myrtle Creek in the spring of 1990.

The structure now spans the stream of Myrtle Creek, providing access from a parking area into the Mill Site Park in downtown Myrtle Creek.

Prior to removal, this bridge was listed on the National Historic Register.

HOW TO GET THERE: Exit Interstate 5 at Myrtle Creek. Follow Highway 99, the main street through downtown. The bridge is to the west in Mill Site Park.

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