the Antelope Creek Bridge - Photo by: Bill Cockrell

The bridge originally spanned Antelope Creek some 10 miles southeast of Eagle Point.

In August 1987, the structure was loaded onto a makeshift trailer and volunteers hauled it to the city of Eagle Point.

When the bridge was rebuilt at the new site, arched openings were cut into each side so school children could be watched as they crossed the span. This alteration caused the bridge to be removed from the National Register of Historic Places. Since then, the bridge has been re-sided in a fashion that represents the original design. Now only ribbon openings appear under the eves.

HOW TO GET THERE: From Highway 62 in Eagle Point, turn east onto Linn Road (sign points to Eagle Point and Klamath Falls). Travel to South Buchanan Street and turn left. Turn right onto West Main Street and continue to Royal Avenue. The bridge is located in the city of Eagle Point at the intersection of Main Street and Royal Avenue.

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